Who we Are?



Our Story

We are a group of Occupational Health Practitioners, passionate about our work and employees.

We embrace a comprehensive, holistic health program in the workplace that takes your business objectives into account.

We can supply services both, at your company on-site – available nationally as per quotation) and off-site (in our Bloemfontein Clinic).

Our equipment have been upgraded to the latest technology available.


Compliance with standards for hearing conservation purposes is guided by SANS 10083:2012, which is entitled “The measurement and assessment of occupational noise for hearing conservation purposes”, and the legislation pertaining to both the mining industry (the Mine Health and Safety Act) and other industries (Occupational Health and Safety Act) refer to this standard.   SANS 10083:2012 refers to the other relevant standards: SANS 8253-1:2011 (Acoustics – Audiometric test methods. Part 1: Basic pure tone air and bone conduction threshold audiometry).   SANS 10154:2012 (Calibration of pure tone audiometers. Part 1: Air conduction),  and SANS 10182:2006 (The measurement and assessment of acoustic environments for audiometric tests).

Our Mission

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Solidity Occupational Health & Corporate Wellness aim is to provide our customers who are most often always pressed for time, with good quality and sustainable health services conveniently, efficiently and seamlessly.    

We believe that the specific quality of products and services will make us the preferred Occupational Health Service.

Solidity Occupational Health values our employees as they are the face of the business.  We thus promote a healthy and balanced environment for our practitioners to practice.

We embrace humanity as this remains the focus of our business – As Occupational Health remains a dual responsibility between the employee and the employer, we focus on health education and this thus remains one of the most important objectives in our comprehensive health service.